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Noland was played by Laurence Fishburne in the movie Predators.

Biography Edit

He was a member of the US Special Forces, a SEAL. He was kidnapped ten years before Royce and the others were kidnapped for hunting purposes by the predators. Since then he has been fighting for survival and during this time on the planet he also was able to kill a Predator and take his equipment.

In time Noland was even able to use it effectively to the extent of being able to find out how to evade them by not making any noise and by avoiding his heat signature to the extent of also being able to make a temporal home there for his own protection.

However, in time, all this fight for survival and the knowledge he is on another planet, where he can't get out of also drove him insane and into the belief he should survive at the expense of others, even if they were victims like him. For that purpose he approached and tried to destroy Royce´s group for that by gaining their trust and then luring them to his home for that purpose.

His attempt to do that, however, fails. He was killed by a Predator shortly after that.

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