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If it's my time to go to heaven and be with my family, I can accept that.
― Nora to Kimberly after Tim's death.

Nora Carpenter is a character in Final Destination 2. She is a survivor of the Route 23 Highway pileup. She is the third survivor to die.


Watching the accident

Nora Carpenter is first seen with her teenage son Tim Carpenter in his car to go to the dentist. When Kimberly Corman has the premonition that a huge accident on Route 23 is going to happen, she blocks the way for Nora's momentary confusion that asks her son what was going on ahead .When the log truck starts to pile up on the road, Nora looks in horror at the explosions and collisions that start to occur.

She, everyone present at the disaster, go to the police station under the order of Thomas Burke. A devastated Kimberly says that what she saw was similar to what Alex Brodwing had gone through a year earlier. Nora watches the conversation unfold over Alex's story, where Eugene Dix makes jokes about it for Tim. A skeptical Nora picks up her son and decides to leave.

Death of the son

At night, while Nora eats Japanese food with her son, they watch the news talk about the shelving of Route 23. Nora puts Tim to sleep, reassuring him about his appointment with the dentist.

Nora takes her son to the dentist , where she narrowly escapes being electrocuted by an aquarium leak. Upon leaving the clinic, she notices a desperate arrival by Kimberly and Thomas to warn them about something related to pigeons. She doesn't understand what that means until it's too late, where Tim is crushed by a glass plate caused by pigeons flying over a construction worker. Nora screams in despair when she sees Tim's death.

Survivors meeting

Later, Nora and the remaining survivors meet at Thomas 'house so that Clear Rivers can explain Death' s plans. Nora is a witness to this supernatural entity that ends up trying to kill Clear with a board suspended in the air by ropes. She, still in mourning for her son, decides to leave her side.


Eugene accompanies her to the elevator, where they find an old man carrying a box with dismounted mannequin members. Nora is startled by Thomas's sudden call, dropping the phone on the floor and attaching her braid to a mannequin hook (without her seeing it). When Thomas reveals that "a hook man" is going to kill her, Nora is startled and tries to get out of the elevator as soon as he opens it and she is hooked by the hair.

Clear and Katherine Jennings try to help Nora, who begins to be strangled by the defective elevator doors as he goes up. When her neck is pressed between the floors, the elevator continues to rise, causing Nora to be fatally beheaded.Eugene is desperate to see her spilling blood through her mouth.



  • Rory Peters spots a shadow that looks like a man with hooks, which is the warning about Nora's eventual death.
  • Similar to Kimberly and the cast of the first film named after famous horror film directors, Nora and Tim Carpenter are probably named in honor of horror film director John Carpenter.
  • After Tim's death, Nora reveals to Kimberly that she no longer cares whether she will die or live. However, ironically before being beheaded, Nora yells: "I don't want to die!"
  • Nora shares some similarities with George from The Final Destination. Both have relatives who died in accidents and both say that they no longer care about being alive.
  • Clear and Kat didn't realize that they are making things worse, as Eugene and the man are also pulling their heads up while pulling their bodies down.
  • Nora was supposed to be the fifth (or sixth; it depends on whether it was her son first) to die, but death decided to go back and make her the third.
  • Nora is seen wearing always braids. Ironically, this hairstyle was one of the causes of his death.