Not of This Earth is a 1957 American black-and-white science fiction film written Charles B. Griffith and Mark Hanna. It was produced and directed by Roger Corman for Los Altos Productions and distributed by Allied Artists Pictures Corporation.

Plot Edit

A humanoid agent is transported to Earth from the planet Danvanna, where a blood-degenerating plague is killing the populace. His mission is to find compatible blood in Earth humans to send back to his home planet for transfusion purposes; to achieve his ends, he is empowered by death-ray emitting eyes and a nightmarish flying octopus-like creature with vampiric capabilities.

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The film was released in the USA on the bottom half of a programmed double bill with Attack of the Crab Monsters. It was later remade into a 1988 film starring Traci Lords and a 1995 film starring Michael York.

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