Omen III: The Final Conflict (also released as simply The Final Conflict) is a 1981 supernatural horror film directed by Graham Baker and starring Sam Neill and Lisa Brazzo. It is the third installment in The Omen series.

The movie tells the progression of the now adult Damien Thorn to a position of earthly power, set against the countdown to the Second Coming of Christ and the attempts of a group of priests to kill the Antichrist.

Plot Edit

Damien Thorn has embraced and accepted his destiny. He is now the CEO of Thorn Industries, a powerful and wordwide acting company and he has also become the embassador of the United Stats in Britain. From thins position he is about to take over the world.

However, a group of priests, aware of who he really is, have acquired the seven daggers of Megiddo and intend to stop him. Additionally the Second Coming of Christ is about to happen and the priest intend to protect him from Damien.

Damien, aware of these threats to him, is hellbent to kill the priests and Christ to the extent of commiting mass murder of babies in an attempt to kill Christ. The fighting finally escalates into a decisive showdown.

Cast Edit

  • Sam Neill as Damien Thorn
  • Lisa Harrow as Kate Reynolds
  • Rossano Brazzi as Father DeCarlo
  • Don Gordon as Harvey Pleydell Dean
  • Barnaby Holm as Peter Reynolds
  • Leueen Willoughby as Barbara Dean
  • Mason Adams as U.S. President
  • Milos Kirek as Brother Martin
  • Tommy Duggan as Brother Matteus
  • Louis Mahoney as Brother Paulo
  • Richard Oldfield as Brother Simeon
  • Tony Vogel as Brother Antonio

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