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Paranormal Activity 2 is a 2010 American found-footage horror film directed by Tom Williams and written by Michael Perry. It is the second film in Oren Peli's Paranormal Activity series.

The film stars Sprague Grayden and Brian Boland as family plagued by supernatural occurences in their home 2 months before the events of the first film.


In August 2006, a "burglary" occurs at the home of Kristi (Sprague Grayden) and Daniel Rey (Brian Boland), trashing their house and leaving only their infant son Hunter's bedroom untouched. The only thing stolen is a necklace that Kristi's sister gave her. Martine, the Latin American family housekeeper and nanny, goes into Hunter's room after hearing a loud bang and senses something inside the room. She takes him downstairs and attempts to cleanse the house of "evil spirits" but Daniel arrives home and catches her burning sage. As a result, Martine is fired.

Kristi believes that their home is haunted and tells Daniel; Daniel reviews the footage but dismisses her claim. Katie and Kristi talk about being tormented by a demon when they were children. Daniel's daughter, Ali (Molly Ephraim), begins investigating the mysterious happenings; she discovers that humans can make deals with demons for wealth or power by forfeiting the soul of their first-born son—Hunter was the first male to be born on Kristi's side since the 1930s.

The violence escalates; The family's German shepherd, Abby, who had been guarding Hunter at night, becomes aware of the demon's presence and is attacked and apparently suffers from a seizure. Daniel and Ali take Abby to the veterinarian, leaving Kristi alone with Hunter. When Kristi checks on the baby, the demon assaults her and drags her down to the basement, where she stays for an hour. Finally, the basement door opens and a possessed Kristi walks out. The following day, Ali is home with Kristi, who will not get out of bed. She finds the basement door covered in scratches and sees a word, meus (Latin for "Mine"), etched into it.

Ali goes upstairs to check on Hunter and sees Kristi there, with a strange bite mark on her leg. Ali then tries to get Hunter but Kristi furiously orders her to not touch Hunter. Ali, now terrified, begs Daniel to come home; after he arrives, she shows him the footage of Kristi's attack. He immediately calls Martine, who prepares a cross to exorcise the demon; Kristi will have no memory of having been possessed. Dan tells Ali he is going to pass the demon onto Katie so that Kristi and Hunter will be saved. Ali begs him not to because it is unfair to Katie, but Dan sees no other way to save his wife and son.

That night, when Daniel tries to use the cross on Kristi, she attacks him and the houselights all go out, plunging everyone into darkness. Using the handheld camera's night vision, he finds Kristi and Hunter have disappeared. Furniture begins toppling over, and the chandeliers shake. Dan chases Kristi into the basement, where she attacks him. He touches her with the cross, causing her to collapse. Daniel hears demonic growls and finally, the shaking stops. Daniel puts Kristi to bed and burns a photo of a young Katie (the same photo Micah later finds in the attic of his and Katie's house in the first film).

Three weeks later, Katie visits and explains that strange things have begun happening at her house. She returns home to Micah; the rest of the scene consists of the first minute of the previous film. On October 9, a night after Micah is killed, a possessed and bloodstained Katie, breaks into Daniel and Kristi's home and kills Daniel by breaking his neck while he is watching television. She then kills Kristi in Hunter's room, violently hurling her against the camera, and takes the baby. She leaves the room, cradling Hunter. The screen fades to black as Hunter's crying turns into laughter.

An epilogue text states that Ali was on a school trip and returned home, found the bodies of Daniel and Kristi three days later, and that Katie and Hunter's whereabouts remain unknown. Static sounds of Hunter, his toys and other technology are played during the credits.

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Name Cause of Death Killer On Screen Notes
Daniel Rey Neck snapped Possessed Katie Featherston Yes
Kristi Rey Hurled against wall Possessed Katie Featherston Yes

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