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I'm the character actor in Hollywood movies, the girl who has to be annoying so the guy can go to the other girl.
― Parker Posey

Parker Christian Posey is an American actress. In the horror genre she is known for her roles in Scream 3 and Blade: Trinity.


Parker as Jennifer Jolie in Scream 3

Parker Posey was born 2 months premature in Baltimore, Maryland, to Lynda (Patton) and Chris Posey. The family moved to Monroe, La. and then Laurel, Mississippi, where Chris became owner of Laurel's own Posey Chevrolet. Parker attended high school at R. H. Watkins High School in Laurel, Mississippi, and college at the prestigious SUNY Purchase. While at SUNY she roomed with Sherry Stringfield.


  • Against the wishes of her management, she accepted two supporting roles right after the unexpected success of Party Girl.
  • Has a twin brother named Chris, who practices law in Atlanta.
  • Named "Queen of Indies" by 'Time' magazine since she has appeared in some 30 films since 1994, most of them low-budget independent movies.
  • Is an accomplished mime.

Horror filmography[]

Film Character Year
Flag of the United States.png Scream 3 Jennifer Jolie 2000
Flag of the United States.png Blade: Trinity Danica Talos 2004
Flag of the United States.png The Eye Helen Wells 2008

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