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Paul Freedman is a minor character in Rob Zombie's Halloween reboot. He first appears in the 2007 film Halloween, portrayed by Max Van Ville.


Paul is the boyfriend of Annie Brackett. He was grounded for wrecking his dad's motorcycle but managed to get out of it on Halloween. He went to see her that night after she dropped off Lindsey Wallace with her friend Laurie Strode. Paul and Annie set out to have sex in the Wallace home but, in the middle of it, Michael Myers watches them and grabs Paul and stabs him in the chest while Annie runs off, only to be caught. Later that night, Laurie comes to drop off Lindsey and discovers Annie bloody and wounded on the floor and Paul hanging with a pumpkin on his head.


  • There was a Paul in the original Halloween who was Annie's boyfriend, however, he never appeared in person, yet his voice was heard on the phone; he was voiced by John Carpenter.

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