Pelts is the sixth episode of the second season of Masters of Horror

Masters of Horror episode
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DVD cover for Pelts

Episode no. Season 2

Episode 6

Directed by Dario Argento
Written by Matt Venne
Production code 206
Guest stars

Link Baker

Meat Loaf

John Saxon

Emilio Salituro

Elise Lew

Ellen Ewusie

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"The Screwfly Solution"

based on a short story by F. Paul Wilson.


The movie begins with two fur hunters, father and son who are hunting on raccoons on sacred ground. After killing the animals that were trapped in the animal traps the father placed there a while ago, they return with their 'trophies' back home. The first thing they notices, is that the furs are almost identical to each other, making them even more pelts and decides to give them their revenge by killing his dad and committing suicide afterwards.

Fur trader Jake Feldman (Meat Loaf) visits the place next morning and discovers the massacre. He also finds these beautiful raccoon pelts and commands his workers to make a coat out of them. Agift for the beautiful dancer Shanna (Ellen Ewusie), in order to fulfill his fantasy of having sex with her. But during the process, his people starts dying as well, all to suicide in horrific, ironic ways. As he goes to the place where the raccoons were killed, he's stopped by an old woman. She warns him that the raccoons or Pinelights aren't normal animals. She tells him that she didn't scare people and especially hunters away from these ground to protect the Pinelights, instead she was trying to protect the hunters from a terrible fate that would await them as they would harm the Pinelights. He leaves her in disbelieve and returns to his factory. Against all odds, the coat is made up in time and he's ready to give it to Shanna. He also persuade her in having sex with him with the coat in exchange. But after he sees his dream come true, he's the next to be affected by the same strange force...

The story is seen as against the harsh nature of the fur industry, due to director Dario Argento's reputed love of animals.[1]


  • Jeb Jameson - First encounters raccoons and crushes one's skull underneath his foot. At night, Larry becomes possessed by the mystic powers of the raccoon pelts and crushes the trapper's head with a baseball bat.
  • Larry Jameson - Slices his face off by placing his head in an animal trap after killing his father with the baseball bat.
  • Sergio - Disembowels himself with scissors.
  • Sue Chin Yao - In charge of sewing the pelts together, Yao is compelled by the pelts to sew up the nostrils in her nose, her eyelids, and her mouth, resulting in her death due to suffocation.
  • Jake - Slices off his own skin to make a vest out of himself for Shanna.
  • Shanna - Blood loss due to her hand becoming trapped in and severed in a closing elevator door.


The DVD was released on February 13, 2007. It was the nineteenth episode to air and the fourteenth to be released on DVD.