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You shouldn't say that name.
― Pfeifer
Pfeifer Ross, better known as simply Pfeifer, is the tertiary antagonist and main conspirator of the 2015 found footage supernatural horror film, The Gallows.

She makes a cameo appearance in The Gallows: Act II.

Background Edit

She is the daughter of Charlie Grimille and Alexis Ross. Following Charlie's death in 1993, she was forced to be raised by her mother.

The Gallows Edit

20 years after the death of her father, Pfeifer and Alexis got their revenge on Rick Houser, who inadvertently set up Charlie to be killed, by manipulating his son, Reese (as well as his friends) into breaking into the school and sabotaging the play.

The Gallows: Act II Edit

Following the incident at the Ross family residence, Pfeifer is deemed mentally unstable and is institutionalized (most likely because of Charlie). She is visited and interviewed by Cade Morgan and Auna Rue.

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