Planet of the Vampires (Italian Terrore nello spazio literally "Terror in space") is a 1965 Italian/Spanish science fiction Horror film directed by Mario Bava The Film stars Barry Sullivan and Norma Bengell.  

The screenplay was based on an Italian-language science fiction short story, Renato Pestriniero's "One Night of 21 Hours". American International Pictures released the film as the supporting features on a double bill with Daniel Haller's Die, Monster, Die! (1965). 


After landing on a mysterious planet called Aura, a team of astronauts from one of the ships that landed killed each other. Another ship, who also landed there almost at the same time, begin to investigate and finally realise that Aura has liefelss aliens there. They took controll of part of the astronauts in order to get out of their dying planet while the others didn´t allow it.

Still they took over their bodies and now want to take control of the other ship by taking control of the others. The second time now there is a fight for survival in order to get out of there alive and not allow thos aliens to get control of them. In the following fight only three survive, but two turn out to be Aurans and they leave the planet.

When the third one realises, that they are Aurans he, to make sure they won´t expand in space and control others like them, destroys the machine that enables them to fly through space. Still they are able to reach a planet nearby. This planet is Earth.

Cast Edit

  • Barry Sullivan as Captain Mark Markary
  • Norma Bengell as Sanya
  • Ángel Aranda as Wess Wescant
  • Evi Marandi as Tiona
  • Franco Andrei as Bert (Garr in the Italian version)
  • Federico Boido as Keir
  • Stelio Candelli as Brad (Mud)
  • Alberto Cevenini as Toby Markary (Wan)

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