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Private Jenette Vazquez

Cause of Death

Portrayed by
Jenette Goldstein

Private Jenette Vasquez was played by Jenette Goldstein in the film Aliens.

Biography Edit

I only need to know one thing: where they are.
Vasquez to Ripley

She was a member of the United States Corporal Marine Corps and participated in the mission on the moon LV-426 to investigate the sudden loss of contact there and was therefore subsequently involved in the fight against the Xenomorph infestation there. She had a close relationship with Private Drake.

At first she thought, like the rest of the Marines, the mission to LV-426 was a waste of time. During the first catastrophic encounter with the Xenomorphs, where many of the Marines were killed or kidnapped for infestation, she learned the hard way not to underestimate them.

After the plan to destroy the installation with nuclear weapons failed and the transport destroyed, she, together with Gorman, Newt, Hicks, Ripley, Bishop and Hudson retreated to the laboratories and there they entrenched themselves with the weaponry they still had.

When the Xenomorphs broke through the defenses, she fought bravely against them. On the way to the ship Bishop had retrieved from the Sulaco to make sure they would escape from the installation that was going to blow up, she died there together with Lieutenant Gorman, who detonated a grenade to save both of them from being killed by the Xenomorphs while taking several of them away, too. They both were the last ones to die.