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Pyramid Head (also known as the Red Pyramid Thing) is the name James Sunderland uses in reference to a monster who is arguably the main antagonist of Silent Hill 2, and the most well-known monster. Pyramid Head's incarnation in Silent Hill: Homecoming is known as The Bogeyman.

Across the series he is usually portrayed as, at his most basic, a violent monster. A deeper meaning given to him, however; sees him as a kind of punisher or executioner. He's typically manifested by those who feel an extreme amount of guilt or have an overwhelming desire for punishment. His acts of violence are not aimed solely at humans, as he has also brought harm to the other creatures that inhabit Silent Hill.


Masahiro Ito, the monster designer of Silent Hill 2, was looking for a monster with a hidden face to make it less human and more disturbing. His first idea was a monster with a mask, but he realized that it was nothing more than a human wearing a mask. He then took the concept further, giving the monster a head in the shape of a triangle (with sharp right angles and acute edges that suggest the possibility of pain).

Pyramid Head's appearance is that of a well-built human male. He wears a helmet, which is always obscuring his face completely, and typically is seen wielding a Great Knife or a spear. He never speaks, but muffled noises can be heard from beneath his helmet on two occasions. He is very strong and can lift James off the ground with one hand. In Silent Hill 2, his first appearance, he dons a white robe-like outfit with no sleeves, and what appears to be rubber gloves with fused fingers. His iconic pyramid-shaped helmet appears to be a rusty hunk of metal grafted onto his head, with a single hole drilled into it. A tentacle or tongue-like appendage can snake out of this hole and impale a creature he has grappled.

Pyramid Head in Silent Hill: Homecoming takes a nod to his movie incarnation, with a more angular, jagged helmet with grating and bolts attached. His robes do not cover his chest and instead drop down more, obscuring his legs completely, and are held up by numerous belts. Whereas in Silent Hill 2 he was only marginally taller than James, he towers over the protagonist, Alex Shepherd. He retains his lumbering movements, though the sexual characteristics and bouts of twitching are absent in this incarnation.


With Silent Hill 2 being his most in-depth appearance, Pyramid Head displays a rather wide array of violent tendencies and almost inhuman movements and behavior. When dragging his Great Knife behind him, he moves in an extremely spastic and lumbering fashion, and is prone to bouts of convulsing, twitching movements. Several times, Pyramid Head can be seen assaulting, perhaps sexually, various monsters.

Silent Hill 2Edit

Pyramid Head makes his first appearance in Silent Hill 2, in the Wood Side Apartments, standing behind a
wall of bars, which separates him from James Sunderland, and bearing a red aura. He does not move or react to James in any way, but his presence does cause the radio to emit static. He is encountered again in Room 307, this time killing and performing an act of implied sexual abuse on two Mannequin monsters. James, who frightfully watches while hidden in a closet, empties his gun on him; an unharmed Pyramid Head calmly walks away. James later identifies it as "that red pyramid thing" when meeting Eddie Dombrowski.

Later on, in the stairwell of the Blue Creek Apartments, he is carrying his signature weapon, the Great Knife, an over-sized blade not unrelated in design to Angela Orosco’s knife (despite obvious size differences). During this encounter, Pyramid Head is seen killing a Lying Figure and immediately attacks James when he sees him, but the fight is cut short when a siren blares, prompting Pyramid Head to walk away.

Pyramid Head makes his next appearance on the roof of Brookhaven Hospital, in which he seemingly appears from nowhere and pushes James through a weak fence. The next time he is seen, he has abandoned his knife in favor of a spear. He chases Maria and James through a fabricated underground corridor beneath the hospital, although his attacks are focused solely on Maria. James reaches an elevator at the end of the hallway unscathed, but its doors close on Maria, who is impaled and apparently killed by Pyramid Head’s spear.

A picture of Pyramid Head, spear in hand, with his caged victims in the foreground can be observed within the Silent Hill Historical Society, before entering Toluca Prison. It is titled "Misty day, remains of the Judgment". Upon examining it, James mutters "It's him...". Pyramid Head can be found patrolling two areas of the Labyrinth, somewhere beneath the prison. Although he will attack James, he does not pursue him. James can steal his Great Knife, which is stashed in a small room within the Labyrinth.

[1] James understanding Pyramid Head's purpose.Pyramid Head makes his final appearance in the Lakeview Hotel, along with a second Pyramid Head. They kill a resurrected Maria for the third and last time before coming down to James' level and initiating combat. Like the fight in the apartment stairwell, this fight ends after a period of time. After the elapsed time, the Pyramid Heads impale themselves with their own spears, as they are no longer needed. Both of them hold an egg which James needs to continue.

Pyramid Head also allows James access to previously unreachable areas in two occasions: when he drains the water in the apartment stairwell, and when he pushes James off the roof at Brookhaven and into the Special Treatment Area. This has led to the belief that Pyramid Head's goal is to lead him toward accepting the truth. As the other characters in Silent Hill 2 show a pronounced dualism in their behavior, so too does James, who wants to both suppress the memory of his crime and to face up to it.

Silent Hill: The ArcadeEdit

Pyramid Head is also featured as a boss in Silent Hill: The Arcade.

In Silent Hill: The Arcade, Pyramid Head's image is exactly the same as in the Silent Hill movie, except his
helmet, which is reminiscent of his Silent Hill 2 incarnation. He is just as strong as in the second Silent Hill game, but he can only be dodged if a certain amount of damage is dealt to him before he strikes. His helmet acts as a shield and it is pointless shooting at it, the best place to shoot is just under the helmet or around the rim.

Silent Hill: OriginsEdit

A picture of Pyramid Head can be found in the burning Gillespie house. It holds one spear in each hand.

As well, Pyramid Head appears on the cover of the game's soundtrack.

Silent Hill: HomecomingEdit

Pyramid Head, referred to as The Bogeyman here, serves a minor, albeit important, role in Silent Hill: Homecoming. While he retains his namesake's pyramidal helmet and characteristic Great Knife, his appearance seems to be based on the version portrayed in the film, rather than the version that haunted James Sunderland, albeit with a few minor differences; his forearms appear to be soaked in blood, and the helmet is slightly lighter in color than the movie version.

The Bogeyman's role, much like Pyramid Head's was to James, may be the manifested guilt of Alex Shepherd's father, Adam Shepherd. As decreed by a pact with The Order's God, Adam was to choose and sacrifice one of his sons to ensure the prosperous future of Shepherd's Glen.

Only appearing physically twice to Alex, he is first encountered in a cinematic scene in the Grand Hotel in Silent Hill. Seen simply dragging his knife down a hallway, he turns to face Alex, who has hidden himself behind a pile of rubble, turns away, and continues down the hall. Much later, within the Church of the Holy Way, he appears a final time and executes Adam, cutting him in half lengthwise.

It's also assumed that, although unseen, he makes himself known in the game's introductory level, Alchemilla Hospital. His first action is the murder of the doctor who wheels Alex into the Operation Theater. As the player progresses through the hospital, a grinding noise can be heard periodically. Presumably, this is The Bogeyman dragging his Great Knife across the floor. As the first level ends, Alex is riding an elevator, following his brother. As it comes to a stop, the Great Knife plunges through the still-closed elevator door toward Alex. The scene then transitions to a truck cab, and a now-awake Alex, implying the hospital area was part of a dream.

The Bogeyman as a whole doesn't appear to be hostile toward Alex. He may even represent Alex himself - just as the other sacrificed children have demons representing themselves, so does Alex. This is reinforced by the fact that, just as the other child-demons brutally murdered the parents that sacrificed them (with the exception of Judge Holloway, who escaped her death at the many hands of Asphyxia only due to Alex's intervention) the Bogeyman kills Adam Shepherd. He may represent Alex's anger at his father, instead of Adam's guilt, though this has been neither confirmed nor denied by Konami or the game developers. It is enforced, however, by the possibility that the man wheeling Alex into the Operating Theater is, in fact, his father, making his demise here a kind of prophetic glimpse at his future fate, while highlighting Alex's general animosity toward his father.

The most surprising aspect of his appearance within Homecoming comes with the "Bogeyman" ending. Here, we see Alex bound in a chair, with a Bogeyman approaching from both side of him. Each bears a piece of helmet identical to their own. As Alex screams, they attach the pieces to him, transforming him into one of them. As Alex stands, it's revealed that he has taken on the physical characteristics of The Bogeyman. This may represent Alex embracing the darkness within him that the Bogeyman represents, as to get the ending the player must commit evil actions. With this ending, the Bogeyman costume is unlocked.

In addition to his scenario-significance, The Bogeyman is also mentioned in a series of child's drawings found throughout the course of the game, each of which has part of a gruesome poem on the back, which was told to the children by their parents, to cover up for the "disappearance" of their friends.


Although not linked with the first game plot wise, Pyramid Head does appear in the 2006 movie, Silent Hill,
200px-Pyramid head movie small
listed in the credits as "Red Pyramid" and portrayed by Roberto Campanella, where he acts again as a tenacious antagonist first encountered by Rose Da Silva in Midwich Elementary School while looking for her daughter. Although he doesn't stand out among the monsters of the town, he is unaffected by attempts to stop him and displays his characteristic strength and brutality, as well as his Great Knife. However, Pyramid Head's appearance is somewhat different from the game. His helmet is a black and girded hexagon - a 6-sided version of the 7-sided one in the game - and appears much more sharp. According to director Christophe Gans, the change is because it was impossible for the actor to wear the helmet from the game. The basic design principle of the game's designers is still there; they wanted the helmet to appear painful to wear. However, he makes no struggling gestures with his helmet in the movie as with the game. In the movie, his apron is worn from the waist down and appears to be made of human flesh. This particular incarnation seems quite single-minded in its pursuit of Rose, as it does not seem to notice the Creepers with which it first appears, even when some of them are crawling on it; it even kills one when it embeds its Great Knife in the wall. Furthermore, the grated triangular patches on the front panels of its helmet seem to be the closest thing to eyes that it has, as it turned its helmet to one side when assaulting Anna, as if to view her from a better angle.

Pyramid Head uses the Great Knife weapon to fillet a thick steel door in a failed attempt to kill Rose and Cybil Bennett. He displays his strength when he catches Anna, holds her in the air using only one arm, tears off her dress, then grabs her chest and tears off her skin in one movement. He is 7 feet tall as mentioned in the behind the scenes commentary.

The producers of the film have stated in the making-of features that since the creatures that appear in the Otherworld version of Silent Hill are punished human beings, Red Pyramid is being punished by having to wear the large, burdensome helmet. Director Christophe Gans has also stated that Red Pyramid's appearance is conjured from a female perspective, i.e. Alessa Gillespie's.

Pyramid Head may be based on a painting Alessa saw in the Grand Hotel just before she was burned alive by the cultists. [1] Another theory to Pyramid Head's origins is that he may be Alessa's incarnation of her "father" - a man unknown to her, wearing a mask that conceals his identity, an authoritative figure punishing those in Silent Hill that had punished her in the past.


  • Dying Inside - In Issue 5, the character Whately can be seen with a horde of Pyramid Head-like silhouettes standing behind him.
  • Paint It Black - As Ike Isaacs helps a squad of cheerleaders escape Silent Hill, a trio of Pyramid Head-like monsters can be seen in pursuit.
  • Sinner's Reward - Finn Conway is about to kill Jack Stanton in retaliation for attempting to run off with his wife and allowing her to be killed, when a Pyramid Head runs him through with a Great Knife.
  • Dead/Alive - Numerous Pyramid Heads wander the streets of Silent Hill as the Otherworld overlaps with the real world.

Pyramid Head serves as the title character in the short comic Белый охотник (White Hunter). Though visually equal to the Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2, Masahiro Ito stated on his website that it is in fact another Pyramid Head in another world.


In both appearances, Pyramid Head serves as punisher for the characters.
230px-Pyramid head

In Silent Hill 2, like the other creatures roaming the town, Pyramid Head is a manifestation of James' subconscious mind; his unfulfilled desire for punishment for the death of Mary Shepherd-Sunderland, coupled with a painting of a hooded executioner found in the Silent Hill Historical Society. The reason why Pyramid Head murders Maria is to remind James that he killed Mary; James is in denial and Maria is a distraction to keep James away from Mary. When James finally accepts what he's done, after Maria is killed the third time, the Pyramid Heads attack him and eventually impale themselves on their own spears because they have finally fulfilled their purpose.

Some fans have argued that second Pyramid Head, appearing late in the game is James' manifested guilt for the death of Eddie Dombrowski. Both Pyramid Heads hold an egg in their hand when they are defeated. The scarlet egg could symbolize Eddie as "new blood" while the rust-colored egg could symbolize Mary as "old blood".

Other fans have argued that two Pyramid Heads can be found in the Labyrinth instead of one, suggesting that the second Pyramid Head may not be related to Eddie's death at all. It is also notable that James sees a picture depicting two Pyramid Heads in the Prison Courtyard before he kills Eddie. [1]

Pyramid Head could also represent the darker part of James' soul. He shows this by committing brutal acts that James has done or has thought about doing, such as rape and murder, and his constant twitching, to symbolize his needs, emotions, and fears

In Homecoming, the Bogeyman's origins aren't quite as straightforward. While serving as Adam's executioner, he may not be a product solely of the older man's mind. As Alex himself has made clear, he isn't fond of his father. It is possible that the Bogeyman serves the dual purpose of punishing a father for his guilt, and seeing that a neglectful father suffers for his misdeeds.

As a whole, the creature is reminiscent of an executioner, the Great Knife supporting this image. His helmet, large and imposing, seems to be indicative of a great burden being placed on one's shoulders, or being forced to bear great pain. The Great Knife itself is a tool of punishment as well as a burden (judging by how Pyramid Head is slowed down by its sheer size and weight). In Homecoming, the Great Knife has also undergone a change, as it's now shaped similarly to an army knife, possibly a reference to Adam as an ex-soldier or Alex thinking he was one himself.

The helmetEdit

Pyramid Head's helmet is his most defining characteristic, and as such is also lined with symbolism. The helmet is described to be very similar to the triangular hood that executioners of The Order wear. However, the helmet is also designed to appear extremely uncomfortable, acting as a torture device as well as a symbol of authority. In Silent Hill 2, Pyramid Head grapples with his helmet on occasion, tugging and pulling at it in vain. In Homecoming, Pyramid Head does not seem particularly bothered by his helmet, although in the Bogeyman ending, if one examines closely, the insides of the two helmet halves are lined with thick spikes, which would undoubtedly dig into the wearer's skull. As such, Pyramid Head himself is also a victim, or at least a symbol, of punishment, being forced to wear his horrifically designed helmet, which further supports his role in providing punishment to those who need it. It can also be seen that he too is a victim of the mysterious force at work in the town, doomed to suffer and remain locked within his role as punisher, and executioner. It has been suggested by the developers that pyramids and triangles represent pain and suffering, which is symbolic to the town itself and the protagonist's own inner demons.


  • It is unknown how Pyramid Head can see, because his helmet obviously obscures all vision. However, when James is hiding in the closet, Pyramid Head puts his fingers in the hole of his helmet and moves his hand around in front of it, possibly a way of "seeing", or at least sensing for something.
  • In Silent Hill 2, when Pyramid Head attacks as he thrusts his spear, his grunt is almost identical to James' grunt when he is hit by an enemy.
  • A chibi Pyramid Head appears as a selectable character in the Nintendo DS title New International Track & Field, his design is more reminiscent to the Pyramid Head of Silent Hill 2, though the
    File:130px-New International Track and Field 5.jpg
    helmet seems to combine aspects of the original with those of his movie counterpart. This is a strictly non-canonical appearance of course.
  • There are many theories of what Pyramid Head looks like under his helmet, such as him wearing the face of the one whom he is manifested by, a face similar to Valtiel's, or that his face is completely blank. None of these theories have been confirmed or put down by Konami.
  • The Book of Lost Memories refers to Pyramid Head as "The Judgment", most likely due to his role in the town and its mythology.
  • If the player turns off the flashlight in front of Pyramid Head during his first appearance in the Blue Creek Apartments, one can realize that the creature shines on its own with a crimson glow.
  • International Track and Field mentions that Pyramid Head was on "A brief but enjoyable killing spree" in Hollywood - a clear reference to the film.
  • G4TV's X-Play rated him the scariest survival horror monster of all time on their Halloween special.
  • In Silent hill 2 if one turns off the light after getting The Great Knife and scraps it, other monsters will flee from you, having mistaken you for Pyramid Head.pyramidhead weapon is the great knife
    Great Knife Details by Wraith Flametail
    Great Knife Details by Wraith Flametail

    Pyramidhead knife

See alsoEdit

  • 袋 Fukuro — A short 3-minute film that includes Pyramid Head. It features 3D footage from Silent Hill 2, along with other abstract imagery and sounds.