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Rennie Wickham is a character in 1989 horror film Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. She is portrayed by Jensen Daggett and Amber Pawlick as a child.


When she was young, Rennie was pushed into Crystal Lake by her abusive uncle Charles McCullough, in an attempt to make her swim, and nearly dies when a young Jason attempts to drag her underwater.

During the events of the film, Rennie is traveling to New York on the cruise ship Lazarus when Jason climbs on to it when it passes through Crystal Lake. As Jason begins killing, murdering, and slaughtering everybody in cold blood aboard, Rennie, her dog and a handful of others manage to flee from him and reach Manhattan after Jason sinks the ship.

Tracking Rennie and her boyfriend Sean Robertson down after killing the other survivors from the ship, Jason chases them through New York and into the city sewer system. It is there that Rennie and Sean defeat Jason, flinging toxic waste at his face and climbing back to the surface as the sewer floods, sweeping Jason, who is regressed back to a child, away. Safe from Jason, Rennie and Sean reunite with Rennie's pet dog Toby in the middle of Times Square.

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