Reverend Jacob Meeker was played by Del Close in The Blob.

Biography Edit

He is an eccentric, moralistic reverend of the town of Arborville, California. He saw The Blob after it killed its first victims. He was shocked and took a piece of the Blob with him in a closed glass, when it left a litlle of it behind at a freezer. He also was a witness of the events surrounding The Blob which, in his opinion were propheticised. This event left him scarred and without an eye because of fire he received as a result of The Blob´s actions which burned him partially.

Reverend Meeker disfigured

After witnessing and experiencing what happened, he begins to think erratically. He thinks Apocalypse (The Reckoning) is near and begins to preach about it. He also has taken the piece of the frozen Blob with him.

After it ceases its freezed state, this piece of the Blob becomes alive and he keeps it in this closed glass. Since then he preaches about his new erratic beliefs elsewhere. He sees The Blob as an instrument of god to bring the Reckoning and himself an instrument of it once he receives a sign from god.

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