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Rod Lane is a character from the 1984 horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Biography Edit

Rod is a student at Springwood High who is going out with Tina. Both Nancy and her friend Tina have been having weird dreams about a creepy man with knives for fingers. Rod has a similar dream, but is too brave to admit it. However, he does admit to having a dream after sleeping with Tina.

Rod's Death

While Tina, Rod, Glen and Nancy are having a sleepover at Tina's house, Tina falls asleep and is attacked by Freddy. Rod awakens to witness Tina's gruesome demise. But he cannot see Freddy at all. All he sees is blood and Tina is dragged to the ceiling and dies. Rod escapes out of the window and becomes the main suspect over Tina's murder. Lt. Donald Thompson uses his daughter Nancy as a decoy to arrest Rod the next morning, and Rod was blamed for the murder, had been caught by the police, and was put in jail. Rod tries to convince Nancy that he is innocent and that it was Freddy Krueger who killed Tina. Later that night, Rod is strangled by his bed covers. Everybody believes it was a suicide, but Nancy knows otherwise.
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