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Samuel Lawton is the visionary in Final Destination 5. He is a coworker at Presage Paper and a survivor of the North Bay Bridge collapse. Sam was the seventh survivor to die and was revelead as one of the passengers who died in Volée Airlines Flight 180.


The vision

When Sam has a vision that the bridge will collapse and kill everyone on it, he calls Molly Harper to come down with him. Peter Friedkin and Candice Hooper get off the bus next to try to convince them to return, to no avail. When the first cracking and cracking starts, Sam and all the survivors escape death and watch the bridge collapse. Everyone is surprised that his prediction was right, much to Sam's horror.

Sam is interrogated by Detective Jim Block, despite evidence for the collapse of the North Bay Bridge natural causes, he still suspects him of being responsible. During the pressage paper funeral, Sam and Peter meet a strange man (William Bludworth), who warns them of Death's wrath for being cheated. After working at his restaurant, Sam goes to Molly's and they are reconciled.

Understanding the plan of Death

When Candice Hooper is killed during a gym workout, Sam consoles a sad Peter as soon as he sees William Bludworth watching them before leaving. It was like awakening a strangeness in Sam that later takes shape after Issac Palmer's death. He talks to Bludworth, who explains that no one cheats death and that the only way to break the list is to kill a person outside it, stealing his life.

Sam realizes that Olivia Castle may be in danger and he and Molly set out to find her. However, they arrive too late and watch Olivia fall from the window of her optician's office to die .Later, Sam and Molly find Peter and Nathan, discovering that the latter managed to accidentally kill Roy Carson on a hook. Sam then realizes that William's theory is true and that as soon as someone kills someone off the list, he is saved and skipped to the next one. When Dennis Lapman arrives to find out what they're talking about, a flying screwdriver partially impales him through the eyes, splashing blood on a frightened Sam.

Confrontation at Le Cafe Miro 81

That night, Sam and Molly discuss Death 's plans in their restaurant during closing hours for a romantic dinner. The arrival of a lunatic Peter Friedkin for stealing everyone's life to save himself from Death creates a confrontation against Sam and Molly.

While Sam is knocked out by Peter, the latter tries to kill Molly to steal his life. After Jim Block is shot dead, Sam tries to stop Peter again, but is defeated momentarily. He then appears to impale Peter fatally, stealing all of the life that Peter had taken. Happy to know that he is free from the clutches of Death, he celebrates with Molly.


Revelation on board

Two weeks later, Sam and Molly board the Volée Airlines infamous Flight 180 together. They watch the expulsion of Alex Browning, Carter Horton and other passengers off the plane. When takeoff happens, Sam sees several signs that something is wrong.

He overhears a flight attendant talking to a curious passenger beside the reason for the expulsion of the group, revealing that it was a premonition. Surprised by this, Sam and Molly watch in horror as the left turbine explodes and creates two holes in the fuselage that sucks several passengers, including Molly who dies broken in two by the tail of the plane.

A devastated Sam mourns the death of his beloved and frustrated by the defeat of cheating Death, is incinerated by the huge explosion of flight 180 to death.



  • In chronological order, Sam is the first visionary to be introduced in the franchise. However, according to William Bludworth, he "had seen this happen before", implying that he already hears another visionary cheating Death before the events of the fifth film.
  • Sam is the only visionary who doesn't discover Death's plans on his own, unlike Alex Browning, Kimberly Corman, Wendy Christensen and Nick O'Bannon. He just discovered everything with the help of coroner William Bludworth.
  • Interestingly, Molly dies in a similar way that Sam should die in his vision: cut in half.
  • In the waiting room at Olivia's optical clinic where Sam and Molly are talking, there's a miniature plane. Being an illusion of their deaths later in the film.
  • Alex and Sam are the only visionaries to meet on the series.
  • Sam is the first survivor to intentionally kill another person throughout the series, although it did so to save Molly.
  • In theory, Sam should be freed from Death's plans by stealing the lives Peter killed. However, Death may have put Sam on a new list as soon as he joined Volée Airlines Flight 180.