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Santos was a part of the crew of the Arctic Warrior in Ghost Ship. He served under the captain Sean Murphy and he was mainly the mechanic of the tugboat.

History Edit

Santos worked with the crew for long time. He participated on many rescues of the abandoned ships. He agreed with the next task with saving SS Antonia Graza although he noted that their own boat needed some necessary repairs. He navigated the crew towards the ship and while the rest of the crew was examining the founded ship he tried to fix their own tugboat. He was excited by founding of the gold and he voted for taking it and leave Antonia Graza to its destiny similarly as the others.

While they were preparing for leaving, Santos was working on the engines to make sure that everything will go smoothly. The invisible force caused the leak of propane which Santos realized only seconds before restarting of the engine and was not able to act properly. He was killed in the explosion of the engine.

As he was marked as a sinner (thanks his lust for gold), his soul was imprisoned on the ship forever. His burned ghost appeared to Murphy who was blaming for his fate and wanted to imprison Murphy on the ship with him. He urged Murphy to kill him which almost cost the life of Epps.

Trivia Edit

  • As he did not spend much time on the board of Antonia Graza he is the only member of the Arctic Warrior who was not a witness of any paranormal activity there.
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