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Sara Moyer is a character in the Halloween franchise. Played by Bianca Kajlich, she appears in Halloween: Resurrection. Sara is the only female survivor of the film, thus making her the eighth film's Final Girl.


Sara Moyer was the best friend of Jen Danzig and Rudy Grimes, who convinced her to audition for Dangertainment's live broadcast in the Myers house. Sara soon discovered that Michael Myers had finally come home after murdering his sister, Laurie Strode, and that he planned to kill the students in the house. After slaughtering all of her friends, including Jen and Rudy, Sara was the only contestant left, forcing her to face Myers. With help from Freddie Harris, one of the producers, Sara escaped Myers, leaving him to burn in the Myers house. However, Michael seemingly survived. What became of Sara afterward is never explored further.

Trivia Edit

  • Sara is the only female protagonist to have no connections to Michael, or his family, before his attack on her.
  • She is one of three female protagonists who ultimately survived Michael's killing spree. The others would be Kara Strode and Molly Cartwell.
  • In the script Halloween: Retribution, while Freddie appears and is murdered by Michael, Sara does not appear, nor is mentioned, and a new protagonist is revealed in a quiet girl named Lea. This might have been because the creators wanted to distance their own film from Halloween: Resurrection, which had a poor reaction from fans of the franchise.

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