Sarah was played by Anne Marie McEvoy in Children of the Corn.

Biography Edit

She is the little sister of Job. She received while she was ill in bed the second face the day the revolution started in Gaitlin during a drought, which lead to the massacre of all the adults. She was in her bed, when all of this happened.

She belongs to the few, like her older brother Job, who have not joined the cult lead by Isaac. As such they behave like normal children who also express a hidden wish to put Isaac forever in jail for his actions. They both are tolerated by Isaac because of her 2nd sight, which as Isaac says, warns them from threats from the outside. Because of that they are also watched by him.

During the following three years Job and Sarah use her 2nd sight and influence to promote the growing dissent between the cultists while also maintaining a relationship with the few other who disagree with Isaac.

Then Burt and Vicky found her first in a building, when they entered Gaitlin three years after the massacre. She witnessed Vicky being kidnapped by the cult worshppers so that she will be sacrificed and told Burt.

Then she and Jo help Burt save Vicky and defeat the cult they had already managed to weaken before. Then they defeat the demon together who were controlling them.After that they both go away with Burt and Vicky, who adopt them and also report to the authorities about what happened in Gaitlin once they reach Hemingford.

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