Sarah Palmer (also known as Sarah Mercer) is a main protagonist who appears in the 1981 and 2009 films My Bloody Valentine and My Bloody Valentine 3D, struggling to deal with her feelings for both Axel Palmer, her current boyfriend, and Tom Hanniger, the son of the mayor and her former love interest. Sarah is left one of the only survivors in both films, along with either Tom or Axel depending on the adaption. 


In the 1981 film, Sarah is known as Sarah Mercer, and is a pretty, but quiet, girl-next-door type who is aware, but neglects, the town's dark history. In both films, Sarah is revealed to be in a love triangle with her current boyfriend, Axel Palmer, and Tom Hanniger, the mayor's son. In the original film, she discovers Axel is the murderer and successor of Harry Warden, having gone insane from witnessing his father's murder at the hands of Warden, while in the 2009 film it is revealed that Tom is the murderer, disturbed by an encounter with Warden as a teenager. In the 2009 film, Sarah is married to Axel and struggles to deal with his affair, while also attempting to raise the child she has with Axel. She is shown to be somewhat passive during the struggle between Axel and Tom in both films, slowly becoming increasingly unbalanced the longer she is in the mine. 

Behind the scenesEdit

In both films, Sarah does not end up with Axel, due to different reasons. In the 1981 film, it is because he's revealed to be the person responsible for continuing Harry Warden's killing spree, but in the 2009 film, it is because he is having an affair with one of her employees at the supermarket she runs. 

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In the 1981 film, she and Tom do not get back together, though they are left the only survivors of Axel's murder spree, whereas in the 2009 film she actively helps in stopping Tom's murders. 

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