Sasha Rassimov is a fictional characters created by Eli Roth and one of the main antagonists of Hostel: Part II. As leader and manager of the Elite Hunting Club,  he's responsible for the death of hundreds, if not thousands of innoncent backpackers in Slovakia.


Not much is known about this mysterious businessman, besides the fact he has ties to the Russian mafia. He appears for the first time on the terrace of a Slovakian Coffee House, where he's relaxing with two bloodhounds. There he receives a box from a courier, clearly pleasing him. The content is later revealed to be the head of the escaped Paxton from Hostel, who was killed in the beginning of the film. Later, he appears at the local Harvest Festival, accompanied by his bloodhounds. He's greeted by many people at the festival and appears as a friendly patriarch.

He re-appears several times throughout the movie but his most iconic appearance is the negotiation scene between him and Beth.


Sasha appears at first sight, a friendly and reasonable man, highly respected in the community. Behind the facade lies a cold-blooded sociopath. Without any regard for human life, he's the leader of the Elite Hunting Club, an organization that provides the darkest experiences to it customers. For the right price, they can torture and murder an innocent tourist, who has been 'collected' by the EHC. Sasha is an intelligent man. He has no problem making an example out of people, even children, to teach others a lesson. He kills a boy as rectification of the damage he and his friends caused to one of his 'goods'. He has no problem to betraying his customers when they are no longer creditworthy, as demonstrated when he orders the execution of both Beth and Stuart.

He seemed to respect certain people. One of those people is Beth after she bought out her purchaser Stuart, and ends his life by castrating him. He allows her to join the Elite Hunting Club, after she buys out her freedom. Sasha has also a great love for bloodhounds. He appears on many public situations with two of these dogs. Further evidence of his love for the breed is the insignia of the EHC, the head of a bloodhound, an insignia that's tattooed on the body of its members.


  • Sasha was mentioned in Hostel: Part III by the owner of the EHC facility in Las Vegas when he asks his right hand man to solve a problem or he'll call the boss.
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