Scanner Cop is a 1994 Canadian horror film. It is the fourth film in the Scanners series, a spinoff of it and the first film in the Scanner Cop series. It was written, produced, and directed by Pierre David.

Plot Edit

Sam Staziak is a 'Scanner' (a person born with telepathic and telekinetic abilities) like his father, who had sensory overload and later insanity because of his abilities, which caused his death when he was a child.

Since then he was adopted by a policeman and now, in the present, he has become a cop like his adoptive father by taking certain pills he uses, which enable him to supress those abilites.

When a string of murders begins to decimate the police department, Sam faces the same sensory overload and the possibility of insanity, as he uses his powers to hunt the man responsible for the killings who also intends to kill his adoptive father.

Cast Edit

  • Daniel Quinn as Samuel Staziak
  • Darlanne Fluegel as Dr. Joan Alden
  • Richard Grove as Peter Harrigan
  • Luca Bercovici as Dr. Krench
  • Darren Dalton as Officer Longo
  • Gary Hudsin as Damon Pratt
  • Brion James as Dr. Hampton

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