Scanners III: The Takeover is a Canadian horror film directed by Christian Duguay.

It is the third Scanners film, although David Cronenberg had no input on this film or any other film beyond the original. The film concerns a sweet natured lady with psychic powers who, after using an unmarketed drug, goes homicidal and obsessed with power.

Plot Edit

A sweet natured lady lives with her father, while her brother is living among Buddhist monks. Both of them have psychic powers as a result of forbidden experiments done by a doctor.

One day this lady decides to use an unmarketed drug in order to get rid of some side effects of her powers like constant headaches. Because of this she gradually loses her conscience, goes homicidal and becomes obsessed with power.

Her brother, becoming aware of this, decides to stop her while she sends killer to kill him. The battle finally reaches its peak, where her brother confronts her face to face. He manages to defeat her by removing the drug from her which she planted on her skin. Horrified because of what she did, she commits suicide.

Cast Edit

  • Steve Parrish as Alex Monet
  • Liliana Komorowska as Helena Monet
  • Valérie Valois as Joyce Stone
  • Colin Fox as Dr. Elton Monet
  • Daniel Pilon as Michael
  • Peter Wright as Mark Dragon
  • Sith Sekae as Monk

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