Seed is a 2007 Canadian horror film about Max Seed, the so called most diabolical criminal force.

A sequel was made in 2014.

Plot Edit

Max Seed was the worst serial killer in history. As a boy, he was disfigured in a school bus crash in Sufferton, which killed everyone else. Because of that he weared a mask since then in order to hide these disfigurements. After that, in 1973, he began torturing and killing people. He killed 666 persons and was, in time, known to the public as the Sufferton killer.

In 1979 Seed was arrested at his home for his killings by a group of police officers led by Mathew Bishop. During the arrest five of his officers were killed. He was later put on trial and sentenced to die in the electric chair for his crimes. After that he was sent to an island prison until his execution there in the same year. While waiting for the execution in his cell, he killed 3 security guards who tried to rape him there.

Because of all these events, they all want him dead. However, when Max Seed is put in the electric chair there, he was able to survive two mandated electroshocks of 15.000 volts, which were given to him for 45 seconds. Fearful he might go free after a third mandated electric shock of this type, which also means that, under the law, he must be allowed to go free, the prison officials and the police there, Bishop, declare him dead anyway and try to bury him alive by putting him in a coffin later and sending him to the graveyard into the grave intended for him in the first place.

The plan to kill him that way, however, fails. He manages to get out of his coffin and out of his grave. After that he takes horrible revenge by first killing every prison official involved in it in the prison, then, after escaping from there, by killing dozens of others, and finally by killing Bishop and his family.

List of deaths Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer On Screen Notes
Inmate #1 Electrocuted with electric chair Executioner Yes
664 persons Unknown Maxwell Seed No
Cockroach Starved Maxwell Seed Yes
Rat Starved Maxwell Seed Yes
Dog Starved Maxwell Seed Yes
Baby Starved Maxwell Seed Yes
Gwen Dennisrom Starved Maxwell Seed Yes
Officer Simpson Stabbed in head by pickaxe Maxwell Seed Yes
Officer Ward Stabbed in back of head with drill Maxwell Seed Yes
Officer Flynn Throat slit with knife, head ripped off Maxwell Seed No
Officer Thompson Head ripped off Maxwell Seed No
Officer Jeffery Unknown Maxwell Seed No
Guard #1 Arm broken Maxwell Seed Yes
Guard #2 Stabbed in eye with pen Maxwell Seed Yes
Guard #3 Head knocked through metal bars Maxwell Seed Yes
Executioner Electrocuted with electric chair Maxwell Seed No
Doctor Parker Wickson Lips bitten off, face ripped off (off-screen) Maxwell Seed Yes
Warden Arnold Calgrove Impaled through stomach with metal rod Maxwell Seed Yes
Woman Bludgeoned/stabbed in head with axe handle Maxwell Seed Yes
85 persons Unknown Maxwell Seed No
4 Police Officer Dismembered with saw Maxwell Seed No
Susan Bishop Shot in head with nail gun Maxwell Seed Yes
Detective Matthew Bishop Shot in head with handgun Himself Yes Coerced

Cast Edit

  • Will Sanderson as Maxwell "Max" Seed
  • Michael Paré as Detective Matthew Bishop
  • Ralf Möller as Warden Arnold Calgrove
  • Jodelle Ferland as Emily Bishop
  • Thea Gill as Sandra Bishop
  • Andrew Jackson as Doctor Parker Wickson

Production Edit

Filming ran from July 17 to August 11, 2006 in British Columbia, Canada, on a $10 million budget.

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