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Sergeant Thaddeus Botnick is a cruel, wicked, sinister, and sadistic camp barber at Kent Military School and a major villain in 1991 horror film Child's Play 3. He is responsible for giving new recruits military haircuts even if it means removing their hairdos altogether. He was portrayed by Andy Robinson.


Botnick first appeared when Andy Barclay (Justin Whalin) was getting ready for his haircut, with Botnick saying to kiss his hairdo goodbye. He then shaved his hair while an advert for the Good Guy Dolls was on.

He later appeared during the soldiers have dinner, Botnick told many soldiers their dates of hairdos. He then came across Harold Whitehurst (Dean Jacobson), telling him to come to his haircut.

The cruel, sinister, wicked and sadistic sergeant, while cutting his hair, told him that he is the most pathetic person he has ever seen and told him to go back home while he still can with Whitehurst responding that he would if he had the chance.

Botnick is cutting Whitehurst's hair while mocking and insulting him. When Whitehurst retorts, Botnick gives him a rough shave and calls him a "smart ass". After he was done with Whitehurst, Botnick found Chucky (Brad Dourif) and intended to give him one of his military haircuts too. Then Chucky turned the tables on him and slashed the wicked and sadistic sergeant's throat with a sharp razor while mockingly saying "Presto. You're dead! It's definitely you." Chucky laughed insanely as the wicked sergeant died from blood loss. Botnick then fell back on his seat, dead. Whitehurst suddenly came into the room and saw the dead wicked, cruel, and sadistic sergeant. Traumatized at the wicked sergeant's death and Chucky's existence, Chucky then said "Boo!" which made him run away in fear. It is unknown what happened to his corpse after that.


  • Before Andy Robinson was cast, John Travolta, Kelsey Grammer, Jim Byrnes, Vincent D'Onofrio, Adam Baldwin, Jason Isaacs, Clancy Brown, Colm Meaney, Daniel Kash, Alfred Molina, Alan Rickman, Michael Keaton, Malcolm McDowell, Steve Buscemi, David Ogden Stiers, Jonathan Freeman, Gary Cole, Tim Curry, Tim Matheson, Lewis Black, Richard Kind, Kevin Spacey, Stephen Root, Willem Dafoe, Brian Cox, Martin Mull, Ned Beatty, Richard Griffiths, Garry Chalk, John De Lancie, Udo Kier, and Michael Kopsa were considered to played Sergeant Botnick.
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