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Shaina was a college student in Final Destination 2. She was Kimberly's best friend. Shaina and Kimberly along with Dano and Frankie have a road trip for their spring break. She was one of the casualties in Route 23.


She is attending college with her best friend Kim, along with Frankie and Dano and was originally going to spend her spring break with her friends in Daytona Beach, Florida.


After witnessing the crash, Kim begins to freak out once she sees all the signs she saw in her premonition. Shaina tries to calm Kimberly down, but she still continues freaking out and ranting about the fiery crash. She and her friends urged Kim to move forward, but after driving a few feet, she stopped her SUV in the middle of the road, holding up traffic. When the crash occurs just like she predicted, her friends begin to freak out. Shaina fearfully asks what's going on and Kimberly sees a deadly sign foreshadowing her death. After staring at the carnage, they hear a loud horn blaring and see a large truck heading towards them. The truck slams into the SUV and incinerates it, instantly killing Dano, Frankie and Shaina.