Shapeshifter is a 2005 horror film with supernatural elements created by the independent film group The Asylum.

Plot Edit

Inmates and guards alike become trapped in a maximum security prison when they fall prey to a demonic beast that feeds on human flesh.

As the creature´s power multiplies with every kill, their only chance for survival is to uncover the ancient mystery that holds the power of the shapeshifter.


  • Jennifer Lee Wiggins as Ginny Lydon
  • Ocean Marciano as Tyrese
  • Chris Facey as Riggs
  • Vaz Andreas as Velku
  • Marat Glazer as Marcoux

List of deathsEdit

List of deaths in Shapeshifter.

Name Cause of Death Killer On Screen Notes
Unnamed Person Mauled/torn in half/eaten Velku/Demon Werewolf Yes
Eddie Throat bitten, eaten Velku/Demon Werewolf Yes
Jimmy Heart ripped out Velku/Demon Werewolf Yes
Andrews Leg ripped off, eaten Velku/Demon Werewolf Yes
Big Sam Crushed against door Velku Yes
Pedro Stabbed in chest with two tire iron Velku Yes
Marcoux Stabbed in chest with knife Riggs Yes
Riggs Impaled with claws Velku/Demon Werewolf Yes
Mohammad Face ripped off Velku/Demon Werewolf Yes
Velku Stabbed in chest with knife Ginny Lydon Yes

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