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Shark Attack 3: Megalodon is the second sequel to Shark Attack, released in 2002 straight to video. The film is notable for featuring John Barrowman who later found fame in popular shows such as Doctor Who and Torchwood. Barrowman has said in an interview on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross that he only did the film for the money, and was rather embarrassed when a clip from the film was shown. Actress Jenny McShane from the first Shark Attack film has a starring role, albeit as a completely different character.

The film is also notable because certain clips from it have become popular internet memes due to the unconvincing special effects, size-changing shark, and bizarre dialogue.


When two researchers discover a colossel shark´s tooth off the Mexican coast their worst fears surface - the most menacing beast to ever rule the water is still alive and mercilessly feeding on anything that crosses its path.


  • John Barrowman as Ben Carpenter
  • Jenny McShane as Cataline Stone
  • Ryan Cutrona as Chuck Rampast
  • Basher Rahal as Luis Ruiz
  • George Stanchev as Esai ´Sy

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