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Shark in Venice is a 2008 natural-horror film directed by Danny Lerner and starring Stephen Baldwin, Bashar Rahal and Vanessa Johansson. According to several websites, the plot of the film puts it into contention being the worst movie of all time.


The seemingly tranquil waterways of Venice are terrorized by the perfect killing machine.


  • Stephen Baldwin as David Franks
  • Vanessa Johansson as Laura
  • Hilda van der Meulen as Lt. Sofia Totti
  • Giacomo Gonnella as Vito Clemenza
  • Ivaylo Geraskov as Rossi


The film was shot on location in Bulgaria. In fact, the director intended to name the movie Shark in Bulgaria, however it would not have had the same flow as if the movie were titled Shark in Venice.


The score was composed by Stephen Edwards and produced by Source in sync.


The film was released on 14 December 2008 in the United States as Sharks in Venice and on 6 August 2009 at DVD as Der Weibe Hai von Venedig in Germany.


Shark In Venice trailer

Shark In Venice trailer

Shark In Venice trailer

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