Spence Parks is a fictional character from Resident Evil. He was played by James Purefoy.

Biography Edit

He was a security operative working for the Umbrella Corporation. As such he was assigned to live with Alice at a mansion. There they both had the duty to protect the entrance to the Hive and, in order to maintain their cover, they had to maintain a fake marriage. During their mission, the two became romantically involved.

At some point Spence spied on Alice as she discussed a plan with Lisa Addison to steal samples of the T-virus in order to expose the company´s evil actions and, by doing so, destroy it. Using this knowledge, he made his own plans to steal the virus ahead of them with the purpose to sell it on the black market for a very high price and be rich together with Alice.

In order to cover his tracks, he unleashed a sample of the virus in the Hive and then tried to run away with it, but the security system of the Hive had unexpected defences, which were unleashed. He lost his memory.

When he recovered his memory whil fighting with Alice against the zombies, he recovered his memory. Alice, realising what he did, broke with him. Spence locked him and the other survivors in a room and tried to get away from the place, but wa killed by one of the creatures which were a byproduct of the virus. He died. When he became a zombie and Alice met hm again, he killed him and threw his fake ring beside him breaking with him completely.

His actions also indirectly caused the virus to be unleashed to the world.

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