Spontaneous Combustion is a 1990 American science fiction horror film directed by Tobe Hooper. It was written by Tobe Hooper and Howard Goldberg, based on a story by Hooper, and is a co-production between Henry Bushkin, Sanford Hampton, Jerrold W. Lambert, Jim Rogers and Arthur M. Sarkissian.

It was nominated for best film in the 1991 Fantasporto International Fantasy Film Awards.

Plot Edit

Brad Dourif plays the role of Sam, who learns that his parents were part of an atomic bomb experiment. As an adult, Sam discovers he has the power of pyrokinesis. He is able to control fire and electricity but with terrible consequences to his body afterwards. The cast also includes actors Melinda Dillon and Cynthia Bain.

Cast Edit

  • Brad Dourif as Sam
  • Cynthia Bain as Cynthia Bain
  • Jon Cypher as Dr. Marsh
  • William Prince as Lew Orlander
  • Melinda Dillon as Nina
  • Dey Young as Rachel

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