Spookies is a 1986 horror film, that is esesentially two unrelated movies rolled into one. It is about a group of people who visit a mansion next to a graveyard, and are then attacked by various creatures, commanded by a sorcerer who wants his bride to be to respect him. The film features the Grim Reaper, zombies, and a wolf-like creature with a hook hand.

Plot Edit

A 13-year-old boy named Billy runs from home as his parents forget his birthday. Making his way through thick woods, he encounters a drifter who is violently slashed to death after Billy leaves. Billy stumbles on an old mansion where a room is decorated for birthday celebrations. Thinking it is a surprise by his parents, he opens a present to discover a severed head. Running away, he is attacked by the drifter's killer, a werecat with a hook on one hand, and subsequently buried alive.

Trivia Edit

In 1986, the film received the Delirium Award at the 15th Annual International Science Fiction & Film Fantasy Festival.

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