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Stephanie Kimble is the daughter of Jessica Kimble and Steven Freeman, granddaughter of Diana Kimble, great-half-niece of Jason Voorhees, second cousin of Free Jefferson and great-granddaughter of Elias Voorhees.

Biography Edit

Stephanie Kimble appears in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. She is the daughter of Jessica Kimble and Steven Freeman, and the great-niece of Jason Voorhees.

In Jason Goes to Hell, she is a baby, being taking care of by her mother Jessica, while her father Steven wants nothing to do with both Jessica and the baby and refuses to grow up and taking responsibility. Her great-uncle Jason tries to use her to be reborn in another body, instead he used the body of her dead grandmother Diana, but is stopped and sent to Hell by Jessica and Steven, with an enchanted dagger and Stephanie along with her parents reunite as they walk off into the sunset.

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