Summer's Blood is a 2009 Canadian horror film directed by Lee Demarbre and starring Ashley Greene, while Stephen McHattie and Barbara Niven co-star.

Plot Edit

A young girl searching for her estranged father is abducted and imprisoned by a demented family of killers. Summer (Ashley Greene) was traveling across the country when handsome young handyman Tom Hoxey (Peter Mooney) helped her out of a tight jam. Charmed into spending the night at his place before she starts her journey again the following morning, Summer discovers the dangers of accepting rides from strangers when she's chained in the basement of Tom's house and threatened with death unless she agrees to become the newest member of the murderous clan.

Cast Edit

  • Ashley Greene as Summer Mathews
  • Peter Mooney as Tom Hoxey
  • Barbara Niven as Gaia
  • Stephen McHattie as Gant Hoxey
  • Peter Michael Dillon as Darwin
  • Cinthia Burke as Jessie
  • Paul Whitney as the Sheriff
  • Sean Tucker as Cliff
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