Suzanne is the co-antagonist in Night of the Demons, she is portrayed by Linnea Quigley. In the Remake she won the surname Reed, and is portrayed by Bobbi Sue Luther.

Night Of The Demons (1988) Edit

After having released the Demon with the spiritualist session ahead the mirror, the evil spirit of the Hull House, takes possession of the body of Suzanne. Soon after Suzanne’s possession, she possesses Angela, who is then also possessed by the Hull House Demon.

Later that night, Suzanne starts displaying odd behavior. She later appears to frighten and taunt Judy and joins the other demons in chasing after her and Rodger, but the two ecsape as the sun rises and Suzanne is sent to hell with the others as her body burns away. Her remains would later be found by the authorities.

Remake Edit

Suzanne was one of the guest in the Halloween party held by Angela, after the police incident, Angela got bitten by a skeleton, the group thinks she is dead, but she later tells the history about what happened there in 1925.

Trivia Edit

  • Suzanne and Angela were the only characters who remained with their first names in the Remake.
  • In the original 1988 film, her last name is not mentioned, but in the 2009 Remake her last name is "Reed"
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