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Tamara is a 2005 horror film directed by Jeremy Haft and starring Jenna Dewan, Katie Stuart and Chad Faust.

Plot Edit

Tamara Riley, a shy girl, has a crush on a teacher and makes a magic spell regarding it. Later a prank caused by her classmates cuases her to die, but the magic spell causes her to return to the world of the living. Now she wants revenge on those who killed her and fulffill her dream of having that teacher.

Cast Edit

  • Jenna Dewan as Tamara Riley
  • Matthew Marsden as Mr. Bill Natolly
  • Katie Stuart as Chloe
  • Claudette Mink as Mrs. Allison Natolly
  • Chad Faust as Jesse
  • Bryan Clark as Shawn
  • Melissa Elias as Kisha
  • Marc Devigne as Roger
  • Gil Hacohen as Patrick

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