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Tamara Mason

Victim of
Cause of Death
Stabbed in back with mirror shards

Portrayed by
Sharlene Martin

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Tamara Mason is a character in 1989 horror film Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. She is portrayed by Sharlene Martin.


A prom queen and popular girl, Tamara often hangs out with her Japanese American best friend named Eva Watanabe. She rejects the advances of Wayne Weber who has a crush on her and prefers more mature men over childish men. She is a delinquent as well (according to Twilight Sparkle's official journal), earning the ire of chaperone Charles McCullough who threatens her that she will not be able to graduate or visit New York City if she does not provide him a passable biology report.


Tamara's death

After his niece Rennie catches Tamara and Eva doing drugs, they are nearly caught by McCullough moments later. Believing that Rennie ratted on them, she plays a mean prank and knocks her overboard. Later, using Wayne and his camera, she uses her biology report as a sexual advance toward McCullough, recording him in a compromising position. She spurns Wayne and lets him out of her cabin before going to take a shower. However, when she emerges, she discovers Jason Voorhees has entered her cabin and tries to hide quietly in the bathroom. Jason punches through her bathroom door, grabs her by the hair and throws her into her mirror like a rag doll. She collapses and sobs like a helpless lamb as Jason angrily smashes her bathroom mirror in pieces, begging him to leave her alone. Instead, Jason grabs a large mirror shard and ultimately kills her in cold blood by stabbing her to death mercilessly with it (off-screen).

After an emergency is called on the ship, Eva goes to find Tamara and finds her bloody corpse still in her cabin's bathroom. Her death was never shown on-screen.

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