Terror Night is a 1987 slasher film directed by Nick Marino. It was released on DVD in the United States as Bloody Movie.

Cast Edit

  • John Ireland - Lance Haywrd
  • Cameron Mitchell - Detective Sanders
  • Alan Hale Jr. - Jake Nelson
  • Staci Greason - Kathy
  • William Butler - Chip
  • Michelle Bauer - Jo
  • Timothy Elwell - Angel
  • Carla Baron - Lorraine
  • Ken Abraham - Greg
  • Aldo Ray - Captain Ned
  • Dan Haggerty - Ted Michaels

Critical reception Edit

Allmovie called it a "substandard horror film" and that "the real fun to bed had in Terror Night is its virually limitless source of bizarre trivia for dedcated exploitation buffs." [1]

References Edit

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