The Banana Splits Movie

The banana splits are robotic mascots who appear in the banana splits movie.







To hold anyone hostage to be their audience (failed)

To avenge their show’s cancellation (failed)

To protect children (somewhat suceeded)


The Splits start out as goofy, happy go lucky mascots who star on The Banana Splits Show. When young Harley and his family attend a taping of the show for Harley’s birthday, The mascots overhear the director of the show tell Rebecca, the producer, the show’s been cancelled, and they embark on a killing spree. Fleegle and Drooper make Rebecca and Parker’s father go on a silppery obstacle course used in the show before, while Drooper films the action. Rebecca slips, spraining her fingers, and Parker’s father slips and lands on his face. When they make it to the end, Fleegle stabs Parker‘s father with the blue key, and pushes him off the top, killing him, and when Rebecca lands in the ball pit, Drooper smashes her head with his hammer, killing her. Meanwhile, Harley and Zoey are lured into the basement by Fleegle, and when Harley asks where Snorky is, Fleegle points to a cage. When Harley looks in the cage, Parker begs him to let her out. Fleegle pushes Harley and Zoey into the cage, locks them in, and says that they’re going to have so much “fun“. Drooper arrives and tells the 3 to put on their happiest faces because the Banana Spilts Show is about to start.After the chaos was finished snorky and bingo were dead. and in the end of the credits when the banana splits were dancing. We hear a small sentence "We built So Many More". Which means there will be a sequel But we dont know about it.

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