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The Bat is a 1926 American slient horror mystery thriller comedy film directed by Roland West and starring Emily Fitzroy, Jack Pickford, Jewel Carmen, Robert McKim, Arthur Housman, Louise Fazenda, Tullio Carminati and Eddie Gribbon.

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"Coming Soon".

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Director Roland West made his cast work at night. "Given the quiet of the studio at midnight, when no other companies are working, and plenty of spooky music from an orchestra, the players really are in a mood to simulate dark deeds".

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Film remkes:

  • Director Roland West remade his film four years later as The Bat Whispers (1930), with Chester Morris and Una Merkel, and also released by United Artists.
  • A 1959 remake, The Bat, starring Vincent Price and Agnes Moorehead, was released by Allied Artists.

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