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The Beast with a Million Eyes (a.k.a. The Unseen) is a 1955 independent made science fiction film produced and directed by David Kramarsky that stars Paul Birch, Lorna Thayer and Dona Cole. Some film sources have said that the film was co-directed by Lou Place. The film was co-produced by Roger Corman and Samuel Z. Arkoff. and was American Releasing Corporation, which later became American International Pictures.

Plot Edit

The isolated Kelley family struggle with their small "date ranch" located in an isolated bleak desert landscape well away from civilization. After a mysterious object crashes nearby, both wild and domesticated animals, and finally the farm's handyman, turn on the family, attacking them. It turns out that a space alien ("the beast" of the title) has taken over the minds of the area's lesser animals and is working its way up to controlling humans as part of a plan to conquer the Earth. In the end the family bond together and unite, fighting against the alien menace to thwart its plan of conquest.

Cast Edit

  • Paul Birch as Allan Kelley
  • Lorna Thayer as Carol Kelley
  • Dona Cole as Sandy Kelley
  • Dick Sargent (credited as Richard Sargeant) as Larry
  • Leonard Tarver as "Him"
  • Bruce Whitmore (voice only) as The Beast
  • Chester Conklin as Old Man Webber

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