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The Brain Eaters is a 1958 independently made American black-and-white science fiction-horror film, produced by Ed Nelson (and Roger Corman, uncredited), and directed by Bruno VeSota. The film stars Nelson, Alan Jay Factor, and Joanna Lee and includes a brife appearance by Leonard Nimoy (name misspelled in film credits as "Leonard Nemoy"). The Brain Eaters was released by American International Pictures in different markets on a double bill with either Earth vs. the Spider or Terror from the Year 500.


A team of local scientists discover alien parasites when they investigate a mysterious, three-story-tall, cone-like object that has appeared outside of town. It becomes obvious that the parasites' first victims, whose minds have been taken over, are the town's leading citizens.


  • Ed Nelson as Dr. Paul Kettering
  • Alan Jay Factor as Glenn Cameron
  • Cornelius Keefe as Senator Walter K. Powers
  • Joanna Lee as Alice Summers
  • Jody Fair as Elaine Cameron
  • David Hughes as Dr. Wyler
  • Robert Ball as Dan Walker
  • Greigh Phillips as the Sheriff
  • Orville Sherman as Mayor Cameron
  • Leonard Nimoy as Professor Cole

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