The Christmas Of Terror is a Youtube Movie Released by Vasileios Diagoumas. 


Pericles was born in 1965 in 1973 he killed his cousin and was locked in a mental institution under the care of Doctor Billy, in 1978 he killed a patient in the asylum and in 1983 he escaped along with some patients.

A few months later some teenagers, Georgia, Michael and Nick go to visit an abandoned villa, what they don't know, is that Pericles along with the patients are in the villa.

Pericles and the patients seemingly kill Georgia's friends and one of the patients catches her and ties her in a chair, meanwhile the secretary of the institution named Stephanie along with a police man named Vladimir were helping Billy to find the location of Pericles and the patients, Billy eventually finds it and arrives to save Georgia. Billy intimidates a patient in order to let Georgia free.

Billy tells Georgia to get in his Volkswagen Van that is outside. Georgia runs out of the villa however Pericles attacks Billy, the fate of Billy is unknown.


  • Arnos Gaberou Played Pericles (1978)
  • Marios Rabenos, Panagiotis Georgidou and Karbas Henarou Played Pericles (1983)
  • Basilis Stefanidou Played Pericles (1973)
  • Mixalis Gakeros Played Dimitris
  • Giorgos Tameros Played Nick
  • Margarita Paulidou Played Georgia
  • Ranos Aporas Played Mental Patient
  • Gekas Berganou Played Mental Patient With Hat
  • Sharon Bajer as Pericles (1983) Uncredited

Trivia Edit

  • Actors that were in the movie Trucks make little cameos in the film.
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