The Gallows: Act II
Directed By
Chris Lofing,
Travis Cluff
Produced By
Jason Blum,
Guymon Casady,
Dean Schnider,
Benjamin Forkner,
Chris Lofing,
Travis Cluff
Written By
Chris Lofing,
Travis Cluff
Ema Horvath,
Chris Milligan,
Brittany Falardeau
Music By
Zach Lemmon
Kyle Gentz

Produced By
Blumhouse Productions,
Tremendum Pictures
Distributed By
Warner Bros. Pictures
Flag of the United States United States

The Gallows: Act II, also known as The Gallows 2, is an upcoming supernatural horror film produced by Blumhouse Productions, New Line Cinema in addition to Tremendum Pictures and distributed by Lionsgate. As its title implies, it is the sequel to the 2015 found footage horror film, The Gallows.

At this moment it is unknown when the film will be released, but according to producer Jason Blum it will be somewhere in 2019.


After aspiring actress Ana Rue transfers to a prestigious new school, her desires are twisted by a viral challenge capable of conjuring a malevolent spirit.


  • Ema Horvath as Ana Rue
  • Chris Milligan
  • Brittany Falardeau
  • Anthony Jensen as Scott Lamont
  • Dennis Hurley as Mr. Schlake
  • Jono Cota as Victor
  • Erika Miranda
  • Jener Dasilva



Unofficial concept poster

The film was shot in secret, intending for a 2018 release. Principal photography began in October 2016. The film didn't make their intended 2018 release, at this moment it is unknown when the film will be released.


According to Blumhouse Productions founder and CEO, Jason Blum, the film is scheduled to be released "within the next 9 months".[1]


  • Act II features new characters and a new setting, thus qualifying itself as an anthology film.
  • Contrary to the previous film, which used a found footage film style. Act II will use the traditional cinematic style commonly seen in Blumhouse films, such as Happy Death Day or The Purge.

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  1. Answer on Twitter from producer Jason Blum on 16 aug. 2018.

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