​The Maze ​is a 1953 horror film directed by William Cameron Menzies, starring Richard Carlson, Veronica Hurst and Hillary Brooke and distributed by Allied Artists Pictures.


A Scotsman named Gerald MacTeam (Richard Carlson) abruptly breaks off his engagement to pretty Kitty (Veronica Hurst) after receiving word of his uncle's death. He inherits a mysterious castle in the Scottish highlands and moves there to live with the castle servants. Kitty refuses to accept the broken engagement and travels with her aunt (Katherine Emery) to the castle. When they arrive, they discover that Gerald has suddenly aged and his manner has changed significantly.

After a series of mysterious events occur in boththe castle and the hedge maze outside, they invite a group of friends, including a doctor, to the caslte in the hopes that they can help Gerald with whatever ails him. Although the friends are equally concerned by Gerald's behavior, they are at a loss to tis cause. One night, Kitty and her aunt steal a key to their bedroom door (which is always locked from the outside) and sneak out into the mysterious maze. There they discover Gerald and his servants tending to a frog-like monster. The monster panics upon seeing the strangers and runs back to the castle, hurling itself from a top-story balcony.

At the end, Gerald explains that the amphibious creature was the actual master of the caslte and that he and his ancestors were merely its servants. The death of the creature releases him from his obligation and he is able to return to a normal life.

The story is somewhat influenced by the monster of Glamis Castle, a legend in Scottish folklore.


  • Richard Carlson - Gerald MacTeam
  • Veronica Hurst - Kitty Murray
  • Katherine Emery - Edith Murray
  • Michael Pate - William
  • John Dodsworth - Dr. Bert Dilling
  • Hillary Brooke - Peggy Lord
  • Stanley Fraser - Robert
  • Lilian Bond - Margaret Dilling (as Lilian Bond)
  • Owen McGiveney - Simon
  • Robin Hughes - Richrad Roblar


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