The Other is the main antagonist of the 2018 horror film Hell Fest. He was portrayed by Stephen Conroy.

Biography Edit

The Other is an unknown serial killer who attends festivals to claim trophies to remember the murders he commits. This is confirmed when he kills a woman at a horror attraction in a devil costume.

Later on he, attends a festival called Hell Fest, donning a rotting mask and a jacket. He stalks a group of friends whom enter the festival. Eventually, he kills a woman in front of one of the friends, who believes it’s fake. The Other, not willing to be discovered, begins hunting down the friends and killing the friends.

Near the end of the film, the Other pretends to be an executioner and, after a fake execution, attempts to execute one of the friends in the guillotine. It doesn’t work and she escapes. He chases her as she attempts to warn her friends. He kills her and one of her friends in front of everyone at the festival.

During an attempt to stop the remaining friends, the Other is stabbed twice and presumed dead. However, he survives and fleas the scene to his home, wear he adds his mask to a collection and is greeted by his daughter, whom he gives a stuffed animal.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The Other appears to a normal man and has no special powers. However, he is an excellent sneak and a master of disguise.

His preferred weapon is an ice pick, but he also used a syringe and a fnusAire axe.


Name Cause of Death Onscreen
Jody Stabbed and Hanged Yes
Britney Stabbed in the heart Yes
Gavin Head smashed with carnival mallet Yes
Asher Stabbed in the eye with a syringe Yes
Taylor Nearly decapitated, Face slashed, Stabbed in gut Yes
Quinn Stabbed Yes

Gallery Edit

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Hell Fest - The Kill Counter

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