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The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues is a 1955 science fiction film, directed by Dan Milner, produced by Dan and Jack Milner (two former film editors), starring Kent Taylor and Cathry Downs.


  • Kent Taylor - Dr. Ted Stevns, alias Ted Baxter
  • Cathry Downs - Lois King
  • Michael Whalen - Professor King
  • Phillip Pine - Aget George Thomas
  • Rodney Bell - William Grant
  • Vivi Janiss - Ethel Hall
  • Helene Stanton - Spy Chief Wanda
  • Michael Garth - Sheriff
  • Pierce Lyden - Andy The Janitor
  • Norma Hanson - The Phantom


A mysterious, man-sized monster kill a fisherman at sea. Biologist Ted Baxter (Kent Taylor) finds the body on the beach, along with Federal Agent William Grant (Rodney Bell), and they decide to investigate the death. Ted evetually discovers that Dr. King (Michael Whalen), another marine biologist, created the monster and the radioactive rock with a mutating device in his labotatory. Meanwhile, foreign agentes try to discover Dr. King's secrets, while Ted nd King's daughter (Cathry Downs) develop a relationship.

Agent Great captures the foreign agents, while Ted finally tells Dr. King the monster is killing people and must stopped. When King witnesses a ship explode as it passes over the rock, he realizes Ted is right, destroys this lab and goes to kill using dynamite. Shortly before a timed detonation, the monster grabs him. Ted arrives just in time to witness the explosion, which destroys the rock, the monster, and Dr. King.


The double bill with Day the World Ended proved popular, due in part to savvy marketing by James H. Nicholson. Within two months of release the films had earned $400,000.


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