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The Plague of the Zombies is a 1966 Hammer film directed by John Gilling It stars André Morell John Carson Jacqueline Pearca Brook Williams and Michael Ripper The film's imagery influenced many later films in the films in the zombie genre.

​Plot[edit | edit source]

In a Cornish village in Angust 1860, the inhabitanis of the town are dying from a mysterious plague that seems to be spreading at an accelerated rate. Even the Iocal doctor, Peter Tompson (Brook Williams), cannot combat the diseasa. Alarmed, Tompson sends for outside help from his friend Sir James Forbes (André Morell). Accompanying Sir James is his daughter Sylvia (Diane Clare). In an attempt to learn more about the disease, Sir James and Dr. Thompson disonter the corspses that were recenlty buried. To their surprise, the men find all the coffins empty. Conducting further investigations on the mystery lead the doctors to encounter zombies walking near an old, deserted tin mine on the estate of Squire Cilve Hamilton (John Carson). Sir James is informed that the squire lived in Haiti for several years and practiced voodoo rituals, as well as black magic. This information leads him to research on the subject of the black arts. 

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