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Swimming Pool is a 2001 German slasher film, known in Germany as Der Tod feiert mit, The Pool in Britain, Italy & the USA, and Water Demon in the Philippines. It is directed by Boris von Sychowski.

Plot SynopsisEdit

To celebrate graduation, a group of international students of a Prague high school break into an indoor swimming complex, giving them free access to pools, water slides and plenty of alcohol, for the ultimate end-of-school party to remember. Little do they realise a sadistic killer wearing a skull mask, armed with a machete is amongst them, who soon begins systematically slaughtering the teenagers. Soon they begin fighting for their lives, hoping to find a way out of the building alive.


Actor / Actress Character
Kristen Miller Sarah Jennerson
James McAvoy Mike Conwell
Isla Fisher Kim Whinley
Jason Liggett Martin Jacobs
Cordelia Bugeja Mel Whittle
Elena Uhlig Carmen Lyndon
John Hopkins Frank Ashton
Thorsten Grasshoff Greg Waterson
Jonah Lotan Chris Dennison
Maximilian Grill Diego Santiago
Bryan Carney Carter Roderick
Linda Rybová Svenja Porizkova
Daniel Wurm Tommy Janice
Anna Geislerová Catherine Hickers
Jan Vlasák Kadankov Samsa
Josef Pejchal (as Josef Pejchl) Oliver Thomas
Marek Libert Kadankov's assistant
Karel Belohradsky Security guard


The film has conventions typical of slasher films, including a masked-killer, red herrings, multiple suspects and plenty of murders, all which can been seen in better known
films such as Scream.

Getting WetEdit

The Canadian slasher film featured a monumental movie death which became increasingly talked about from the cinema viewers and others who had watched it.

The part when one particular youthful girl slides down a water tunnel slide only to have her vulva collide with a machete inserted through the bottom.


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