The Uncanny is a 1977 British horror film. The plot revolves around a paranoid author trying to inform a potential publisher that cats are evil. He then tells the man several stories of true feline revenge, therein, and the film also stars Samantha Eggar and Donald Pleasence.

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n 1977, in Montreal, writer Wilbur Gray visits his publisher Frank Richards, who has a cat, to discuss his new book about cats. Wilbur believes that felines are supernatural creatures, and that they are the devil in disguise. To prove this to his publisher, Wilbur tells three tales to illustrate his thoughts:

In 1912, in London, Miss Malkin is a wealthy woman who rewrites her will leaving her fortune to her cats rather than to her nephew Michael, who does not visit her. Her maid Janet, also the mistress of Michael, steals one copy of the will from the lawyer's briefcase abd brings it to Michael, who, after destroying the copy, seduces her to destroy the orginal copy, too. When she tries to do that, Miss Malkin finds out about it. Trapped, Janet kills her. However, the cats avenge Miss Malkin's death by protecting her will and killing Jane.

In 1936, in Hollywood, the actor Valentine De'ath replaces the blade of a fake pendulum to kill his actress wife, and give his young mistress, accomplice and aspiring actress a chance. Additionally they both kill the children of the wife's cat and also try to kill the cat. In revenge the cat kills them both.

In 1975, in the Province of Quebec, the orphan Lucy comes to live with her aunt Mrs. Blake, her husband, and her cousin Angela after the death of her parents in a plane crash. Lucy brings her only friend, the cat Wellington, but her mean cousin forces her parents to get rid of Wellington. Lucy, at the instigation of Wellington, uses her mother's book of witchcraft to reduce and kill her cousin.

After having told everything about those stories, Wilbur goes away from the house only to be killed by cats gathered by the cat of the publisher for that purpose, while the publisher, scared of cats now, treats his own cat with fearful respect and throws the book into the fire.

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